The Perfect Moment

by tuffco0kie

It's that moment right before the lights turn on and everyone starts to get ready to disperse from the party. You're holding onto each other's hand, the night blurry, and you are not sure what's going to happen once you two separates. Numbers have been exchanged, but there's that question whether either one will contact the other. You gaze into each other's eyes as if the answer as to what's going to happen next is written there, holding on just that one minute longer before you have to let go and head toward your group of friends. That last kiss, the last gaze, that pondering feeling that gets your heart racing; that perfect moment. 

Maybe I'm strange, but I really enjoy that moment even though I have no anticipation of contacting the person in front of me ever again. I don't even have the expectation of them reaching out to me or that I may potentially bump into them on the street one day. And going home with them is definitely not an interest of mine, because partying hard does not mean risking your chance of diseases. I just hold onto their number in my phone with no names added to those digits. Sometimes, I almost hope they don't reach out to me because that may potentially ruin the perfect moment I experienced the night before. 

I'm not sure if I'm starting to feel this way because relationships is not within my interest at the moment. For the first time in my life, I am actually living and experiencing and seeing the world from a completely different perspective. I don't want to be tied down, settle and live the typical circle of life. I want to grow wings and fly. I want to meet people, experience the different emotions with each individual (on a nonsexual level), develop potential friendships (or sometimes, maybe a little more but just a little) and hear all the stories people have to tell me about THEIR life. I want to learn what books can't teach. I want to feel the perfect moment with every individual I meet and maybe one day, I'll come across someone who makes me feel that moment every single day of my life.