by tuffco0kie

I started working in customer service related fields at a young age and maybe that is why I never thought too much when I apologized for my mistakes. It seemed natural. You made a mistake, you caused an inconvenience, so you say sorry and move on with life. And because I know the simple acknowledgement of my mistakes goes a long way with the other person. 

However, in the recent years, I have come across many acquaintances and friends who were either never taught how to apologize or doesn't understand the significance of it. They can cause their friends to be late and they will always have an excuse that exempts them from apologizing. Why? Why do people think it's justified simply because they are not the main cause of the issue? 

For example, if my friends were late, I'm given excuses like "I didn't know the last event would last longer than my estimated time" or they make a joke out of it. But really, I don't want to hear any excuses or reasoning. I understand situations are not always as planned and we do not have supernatural power to make adjustments to any change of plans thrown at us. I just want to hear an apology that you recognized I had to spend an extra hour or two waiting for you. I want an acknowledgement that you realized I was basically throwing away an hour or two, because of your unpredictable circumstances. That's all. No excuses, no jokes, just a "sorry". 

If people never understood why an apology is so significant, then maybe they should try to think about it. It's not just a simple word, it's more than an acknowledgement of being wrong and it's another way of saying "I understand you had to spend this extra time on me and I appreciate it". In some situations, it's an apology. In another, it's a way of showing appreciation. And trust me, it really does go a long way.