Example of Boys You Shouldn't Be With

by tuffco0kie

...like an ex-boyfriend. 

I never really understood relationships that goes back and forth. I understand if it's due to a special circumstance, but I'm pinpointing the ones where the couple constant fights, breaks up, gets back together and then repeat. And repeat many many times after and for years. 

What is the point of getting back together if the issue isn't resolved? And say you think it's been solved, wouldn't the second, third or even forth fight prove otherwise? But then people always keep going back. 

Sometimes, I question if it's the fear of never finding someone else. Recently, I came to a possibility that it's because of investment; time, finance, emotions. Mostly emotions. A dragged on relationship consists of so much invested emotion that it's difficult to suddenly break all ties and start over. 

If the relationship was consistent with minimal arguments, will the two people involved still spend so much time contemplating whether it's worth it to give it another chance or "start over"? Can you ever really start over like a clean piece of white paper when it's been teared and stained? Even recycled paper has marks on them, right?